Well what can we say but HO HO HO, What a fun evening. first off we went to Olds to a daycare, that wad 12 children that were mostly 4 years old. there was a lot of pictures taken, and gifts opened. The children had and parents had a fun time with Santa and Mrs Claus. Next we went to a family of 2 children, parents, and grandparents , the little girl didn’t want to be near Santa but again Mrs Clause was a hit and had to be the leason between her and Santa in the meantime Santa was getting his photo opps with mom and dad, grandma, and grandpa they loved it it was a laugh a minute. gifts were given and in the end the little girl wanted to show Santa and Mrs Clause her piano skills, which were quite accomplished and before we left she wanted to show us her fish tank.in the end she wouldn’t sit on Santa’s knee but wanted him to be aware of her. that was pretty cool i think. Next we went to a family who lived between Didsbury and Carstairs they were waiting for us to show up and wow the children when we walked in the middle girl was so excited she got up on Santa’s knee and did not want to leave even when Mrs Claus was reading her story when she did Santa did his photo rounds and even talked great grandma into sitting on Santa’s knee it had been quite sometime and i was assured it wouldn’t be so long till next time. the little boy was excited to see Santa and recieve his gift, and the older girl had a few questions that we hoped to answer to her satisfaction. By the end of the night when we left they all seemed happy as we all had some fun and gifts given . it was one fun night and we were loving every minute of it.

ill tell you more in the next few days


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