Today Mrs Claus and I were invited to appear at the annual Christmas function of Standard General to meet the hard working men and women that collectively make this diverse construction company work. We had such a good time eating a fantastic meal with all the fixins, (humm I wonder if the elves could learn to put on a feast like that) and getting our photos taken with this group of beautiful women and handsome men;from the management and there staff of department heads and secretaries, to equipment operators laborers,and mechanics;  and I must say they clean up very well. Mrs Claus looked stunning in her new gown that she made at the North Pole however there were times she got too hot because she made it for the North Pole and didn’t take into account the warmer climate here when a chinook is in the Calgary area.  She told me she would have to make that alteration and she would need to think about it. All in all we had a great time,we are loving every minute of it

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