While on a stop over, we took a walk through the main street of Carstairs .We found the Photographer and an elf that are going to be taking the pictures at  Family Auto Sales in Carstairs on  November 28 2015 between 10 am and 6 pm. We took some promotional pictures with some of the residents of this quaint little community.We stopped briefly at the daycare and saw the children ,There is something magical about a child’s excitement when they meet Santa and Mrs Clause. We stopped by the chiropractor and Santa got a quick tuneup so he is ready for the big day. We checked out the local candy store and Santa had to sample the goodies (of course). We also stopped by the flower store where Mrs Clause  was amazed at the colors and the fragrances. We stopped at the Co-op and met some staff and had pictures taken with them. Santa also showed up at the artisan store and met the owners and enjoyed browsing the isles. This community has a lot of talented people. STV_7611

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